The Podechesis Podcast Episode 1: What’s a Podechesis?

Welcome to the first episode of Podechesis!  Like any good comic book, superhero series, or serial story there has to be a compelling back story.  In order to know why The Incredible Hulk is who he is, why Iron Man acts the way he acts, or Batman is so driven to fight crime in Gotham City, a back story has to be in place that explains what drives Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Bruce Wayne.  Without the back story the narrative would be incomplete.

This first episode is the back story of Podechesis.  Jim, Allen, and Brett tell their stories of faith, their calls into pastoral ministry, and what drives them to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ today.  You will also hear what this podcast is all about, how it got its name, and its purpose.

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Why Podechesis?

Important links from episode one:

Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism (From

Wikipedia article of Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Great Resource about John Wesley:

Good resource on the Church and Post-Modernism:

Correction: In this episode, you will hear Brett make a reference to Leviticus 17.  He meant Leviticus 19.  

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