The Podechesis Podcast (Episode 15) On Sin Part 3: The Scope of Sin w/ Special Guest Rev. Rebecca Duke-Barton

What is the scope of sin?  How deep and wide is its reach in humanity?  What is the consequence of Sin?  Were Adam and Eve real people or archetypes for all of humanity?  How are sin and the consequences of sin passed down from generation to generation?

In this episode of The Podechesis Podcast, Jim and Brett are joined by special guest (and pinch-hitter for Allen) Rev. Rebecca Duke-Barton, pastor of Jesup First United Methodist Church, to discuss question 16 of  John Wesley’s Revision of the Westminster Shorter CatechismDid all mankind fall in Adam’s first transgression?  They will talk about the idea of original sin and whether the problem of sin is passed down from generation to generation.  They will also discuss the need for a robust and faithful theology of sin and of grace in the church today.

Along the way, Brett will find that it is getting harder and harder to be relevant having not watched any of the Mandalorian, Rebecca will make a case for tractor-beam theology, and Jim will make fun of Allen over and over only because Allen wasn’t there to defend himself.

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Important Links For This Episode

Scripture Proofs: Genesis 2:16-17; Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22

Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism (From

Wikipedia article of Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith by Phil Tallon

The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John Walton

Rebecca Duke-Barton Podcast (Jesus First UMC)


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