The Podechesis Podcast (Episode 13) On Sin Part 1: What is Sin?

What is Sin?  Why does sin exist?  Are we born with sinful natures or are we nurtured into sin?  What does it mean to break God’s law?  Are we naturally good?  What was humanity’s first taste of disobedience—pride or unbelief?  Can you have a right understanding of sin without a right understanding of grace?  How does Jesus fit into this discussion?

In this episode of The Podechesis Podcast, the Brett, Jim, and Allen discuss questions 13 and 14 of John Wesley’s Revision of the Westminster Shorter CatechismDid our first parents continue in the estate in which they were created (Q. 13), and what is sin (Q. 14)?  They talk about how sin entered the world, how our natures are corrupted, and how we are bent towards disobedience to God’s law.  They also discuss how a thoroughly biblical and  theologically robust teaching of sin is needed in the church today.

Along the way, Jim makes a confession, Allen makes a wager, and Brett is once again left having to clean all the thanksgiving dishes.  Oh, and no turkeys were harmed in the production of this episode.

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Important Links For This Episode

Scripture Proofs: Q13–Genesis 3:6-8, 13; Ecclesiastes 7:29; Q14–1 John 3:4

Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism (From

Wikipedia article of Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Firebrand Magazine

Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith by Phil Tallon

John Wesley’s Sermon “Original Sin” & “On the Fall of Man”

Ken Collins’ “The Theology of John Wesley” & “The Scripture Way of Salvation”

David Watson’s “Key United Methodist Beliefs”

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