The Podechesis Podcast: Christmas (and Advent) Special

It’s Christmas time (and Advent) once again.  The hot chocolate is flowing, the movies are on, and the lights are twinkling brightly.  The question is does Christmas still matter?

In this special Christmas (and Advent) episode of the Podechesis Podcast, the boys take a break from Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism to share some of their favorite Christmas memories, movies, songs, and foods.  They talk about Christmas lights and the Light of the world, Jesus.  They also make a case for why the season of Advent is so important for the church.  

Along the way we find out that the Brett loves the movie, A Christmas Story, and Jim and Allen do not.  Can The Podechesis Podcast survive with such a vast chasm between the two wayward sons and Brett?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Podechesis Community. We will return with our regular episodes in January.

Important Links For This Episode

Silent Night/Smile In The Mystery by John Mark McMillian

The Tweet Mentioned by Allen

On The Incarnation of the Word by Athanasius

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