The Podechesis Podcast (Episode 27): On the Benefits of Salvation: Justification

What is justification?  What about regeneration?  What sort of change does God work in us at the moment of our salvation?  What is salvation and why does it matter?

In this episode of the Podechesis Podcast, the guys tackle questions 33 and 34 in John Wesley’s Revision of the Westminster Shorter CatechismQ33-What is justification & Q 34- What is adoption? They discuss the process and moment of salvation, the relative and real change that Jesus’ offers without a price, and why the moment of our salvation, while most important, is not all there is. They will also talk about being adopted as children of God and why Wesley throughly believed in adoption even though he struck out the question.

Along the way, Jim starts a barbershop quartet with just three people, Allen proposes that the Podechesis crew shoot a music video, and Brett preps his autotune skills.

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Important Links For This Episode

Scripture Proofs: 

Scripture Proofs for Question 33

Romans 3:24-25; Romans 4:6-8; 2 Corinthians 5:19, 21; Romans 5:17-19; Galatians 2:16; Philippians 3:9

Scripture Proofs for Question 34: None

Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism (From

Wikipedia article of Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Wesley For Armchair Theologians by William Abraham

Absolute Basics of the Wesleyan Way by Phil Tallon and Justus Hunter

Sermon: Scripture Way of Salvation by John Wesley

Reading Romans Backwards by Scot McKnight

Daily Text by

Firebrand Magazine

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